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We’ll be adding resources to this page that we believe are helpful to program participants and educators. Check back frequently as we add links and suggestions. Please contact VTL if you feel there’s a resource that should be added to his page.


School Reopening Resources

America’s Schools Mental Health Report Americas-School-Mental-Health-Report-Card.pdf (

ARTICLE: Restarting School in Fall 2021: Can We Do It Well?  by Karen Gross (Social Work Today, Vol. 21, Issue 3, July 22,  2021)

ARTICLE: Schools and Colleges are not Light Switches Podcast  by Karen Gross

ARTICLE: What Happens When Schools Close for the Academic Year?  by Karen Gross (Teachers College Press Blog,  March 20,  2020)

ARTICLE: Closing Reopened Schools: We Need Strategies by Karen Gross (Tealfeed,  May 2021)

ARTICLE: Creating a Trauma Informed Organization by Sera Kinoglu, Stephanie Nelson-Dusek, Maggie Skrypek (Wilder Research Foundation (January 2017)

BOOK: Chapter 3 Excerpt Understanding the Impact of Trauma from Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services (2014)

BOOK: Destroying Sanctuary by Sandra L. Bloom et al. (Oxford 2010)  Note: there is a series and a sanctuary model that can be deployed in organizations, including creating and restoring sanctuary.

Additional Trauma Resources

Trauma Doesn’t Stop at the School Door by Karen Gross (Columbia TC Press June 2020)   Now available and discount code for participants here is: DKG2021 when you purchase from Teachers College Press at   The least expensive version is the ebook on Amazon.


Tongue Twisters and Beyond: Words at Play  by Karen Gross (Shires Press 2020).  Now available at Amazon and and at: (downloadable PDF)


The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set (Free PDF)

(downloadable PFD)


Trauma Toolbox: A How-to guide (downloadable PDF)


ARTICLE: Playmobil, Workplaces and Trauma


ARTICLE: Missing Pieces and Filling Holes: Finding Solutions to Enable Student Success

The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set is a digital resource to help students, families, teachers, community members identify their feelings including feelings generated by Covid-19 and recent racial tensions. You may purchase this activity set and print the pages to experience the exercises, drawings and images.

The premise of The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set, co-authored by Dr. Ed Wang and Karen Gross, is that it is critically important to be able to name one’s feelings (negative and positive ones alike).

If you cannot name feelings, then you cannot tame them. Since feelings lead to thoughts and behaviors, identification of feelings is a first step in managing the difficult times we are in globally with social distancing, protests, masks, school reopenings in a myriad of forms, transitions of a wide-ranging sort and uncertainty.

The many activities offered can be done in short increments of time and can be done with others or alone.  And, they can be repeated because feelings change, another valuable observation.

This activity set can be used by people of all ages and stages; the activities can be ramped up and down. And, they are fun and engaging. It is NOT a work book — with the emphasis on work.

Instead, it is about finding a pathway into one’s feelings. It is right priced too so it can be used by many without financial stressors.

It is our hope that when you use The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set you will share the results with us, including additional exercises, drawings and new images. We will also create an online forum for sharing and we will post new editions of The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set that include the work of our readers within them. The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set cost is $4.99 and may be ordered from this page.


Program participants will receive this free as part of trauma and school re-entry training and workshops.